Leadville Stage Race 2016

Ya’ll know how much I love Leadville.  So how can I resist when Athlete and Ambassador T’Popp came forth and asked me to race with him at the Leadville Stage Race?!?

I can’t.

2016 is the 2nd Annual Stage Race.  The Stage Race is the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Course split among 3 days.

Day 1:  Tyler and I at the start.  Yes, we are happy.  No we have not had our asses handed to us yet.  🙂










Ken crowns me the new nick name Goldie Locks.

So I will call this day:  Momma Bear  Goes from the Rodeo in Town past Twin Lakes Dam, and to the base of Columbine.

2016 Leadville Stage Race 2

The Mandatory Selfie with my Besties: Ken and Marilee

42.4 Miles in 3:32 with 3599 in Climbing, we’ll call that 3600

:53 in Z3

:38 in Z4

:16 in Z5

:13 in Z6




Yes, I worked my ass off, at one point at the top was averaging 16 mph with the Tex.

Friday night, T’Popp goes off to Town and I get busy riding the couch.

2016 Leadville Stage Race

We all have our “secret sauce” or in my case, my Magic Potion, and I will talk a little bit more about this later.

Day 2:

I call this day:  Baby Bear.  Start and Finish at the Base of Columbine.  I call this Baby Bear, because this is my FAVorite day.  It’s a short day.  I had a big goal of getting to the top in 1:30.

8 Miles Up in 1:32.  16 Miles total, with 3000 feet of climbing.  Total Time 2:02 and some change.  This year, at least right now, the course is dry.  Very dry.  So dry T’Popp laid it down on his uber fast moto descent.  He managed ok, with some scrapes.  I came down cautiously, braking before the turns.  It was that dry.

:30 in Z3

:30 in Z4

:8 in Z5

:4 in Z6

Those numbers would have definitely been higher if I would have been able to work once everything opened up.

The goal for today was to leave it all up there at the top of Columbine.  I was not in anyway referring to my athletic abilities, I was only referring to leaving all past baggage up there.  I did.  I left everything that no longer serves me.  I left things that have been holding me back.  Things that hurt me.  I didn’t bring any of it down the mountain.

Day 3:

I am calling this Day Papa Bear.  This day is the hardest.  This day is harder than the last 42 in the hundred.  This is me against Power Line.  This is me against the yellow dirt.  Last year I learned I am stronger than the yellow dirt.   That I’m able to work through it.

I was Born Again on Power Line.  It was beautiful.  It was a religious experience.  Not in the usual context.




























Sometimes you just have to see what you’re made of.  Of course, I was tired, we were all tired.  Being tired is part of the game.  I didn’t know what would happen out there.  I’m always okay with blowing up.  I imploded!  HAHA!

44 Miles in 4:02 with 4200 feet of climbing.

:55 in Z3

:40 in Z4

:16 Z5

:17 in Z6

I fell apart.

It was fun.  It was painful.  Right before I got my epic push from the most awesome of awesomeness DOC, I was making all sorts of ridiculous bedroom sounding noises.  It was worse than a The Williams Sisters playing doubles in a tennis match.  Riding with my head hung low, literally.

All I could to make it was use the motto:  “I know I can push 170 watts, I know I can push 170 watts”  and incessantly look at my Garmin, and make the necessary corrections.  I don’t think, I could push 170 watts anymore.  But I kept trying.




















I was so happy to be finished.











So was Tyler

2016 Leadville Stage Race 3









I just ate an entire GF pizza to celebrate.

We got our belts, the buckles will come in the mail.

We got our coins, our entry into the LT100 Mountain Bike Race.

We got our asses kicked.

We  kicked some ass.

Next year, I am having a Special CEO challenge.  I challenge the CEO, whom I rode in very close proximity to all 3 days, to do it all by himself. Without a single push from his group  With the one push from Doc, like the rest of us.  The push that comes not from the entourage but from the internal push, the drive to do the best that you can by yourself.  The extra push you get from Ken when you see him at Columbine, or on the Power Line.  To not only finish the race like the rest of us, but to excel, and to feed the fire that burns within.  The fire, that burns knowing you can do it, the fire knowing you are stronger than you think you are, and that you can do more than you think you can.  And if you need some extra help in your training, I happen to know an excellent coach.  She is the Owner and CEO of Zoefitness.  Zoe, means life.  Zoefitness means Lifefitness.

I met some great people out there!  I so much enjoy the 3 Day event.  It was fun, I enjoyed seeing the same people over, and over again.  Talking to them, riding with them, in the same position basically each day.  I liked the quaintness of the event.

I did get one 1st Place, 1st time I’ve had a dirt uni-brow, as posted under my photo album in FB.

I did get a 3rd Place too.  I was the 3rd person to ask to have my ass branded with the Stage Race brand.

So all in all I win.

And yes, T’Popp and I are already conniving the next one!

In business, as entrepreneurs we all have a ‘special sauce’  or in my case, I’m going to call it my Magic Potion.  Since my food I race with,  has long been called, Magic Potion.

My magic potion is recovery, in this case involved full body 2XU compression, and rest.  And nutrition, which included eating well, sticking with my strict GF diet, and eating lots of foods that are alkaline in nature.  I did active stretching, closely assimilating yoga, sometimes known as Zoega.

I have other magic potions in my business.

How I am able to use my knowledge of the human body to find and strengthen weaknesses.  Make people more efficient in biomechanics, and form.  Using my knowledge of the aging body and my experiences working with the older adult and bring that into all of the age groups, enhancing the aging process.  Balancing training, with work, and family to be able to participate, survive, and even enjoy these master events like the Leadville events.  Or any event for that matter.

I came to these recollections because of  a conversation with my sister.  How it’s good to identify and highlight your strengths or your special sauce.  In my case, my magic potion.  Besides the aforementioned I think, one of the things that I am best at, writing intervals.  Especially indoor intervals.  Indoor intervals for the winter, in the colder regions, or perhaps you live in an area where it’s too hot to train outside, and you need interval training for the summer months.  Regardless, this is an area that I definitely need to explore enhancing in my business.

So this winter, or next summer, think about having a 3 month, or even a 2 month indoor interval training program written for you.  I know there’s Zwift now, and a few others, and yes you’re able to pick sessions that meet zones.  Think about it, what the interval is, and what energy system it trains, and how in the heck do I make indoor training interesting??  You can get an excellent interval training program from me!  At a reasonable price.

I do it all the time with my current coaching clients.  They send me a text.  “I’m going to need a trainer workout”  Either it’s raining, or they had to work late, or a last minute family thing came up.  I know what the workout was, and then, I’m able to tweak it into an indoor trainer session to meet the original training session.  Before I became I real coach; I coached Spinning classes for years.  The better I get to know the human body, the better I’m able to help you reach your goals!

Here’s to a new day!

Making it the best day!

Thanks for checking in!

Coach Zoe



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