aka.  The 3rd Nipple.

Is literally my Magic Potion.

Which I keep in my Magic Pocket.


I’ve been using it for years.  Over the years it has changed subtly based on cutting edge research and development.  I’ve tried different things, added them, kept some, disregarded others.

I don’t usually give out my recipe, I do charge, and you are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

I did once blog about this:  Years of Research on Vitamin D3:  Cholecalciferol 

I have been using this product for years.

The BEST electrolyte product out there.



What’s in the plastic baggie?

My branch chain amino acids, of course.  In the form of meat.  And nuts, and dates.  This particular race I used pre-cut bite size Epic Meat Bars and Lara Bars.  My really important stuff, I will actually make sauteed chicken thigh heavily seasoned with red chile, and Date and Nut rolls.

When all the research was coming out on the importance of  BCAA’s , I added them in my Magic Potion, it turned the texture icky.

I don’t so much as ‘eat’ solid foods on the bike.  Sometimes I actually do.  Most of the time I ride around with what I refer to as a ‘cud’.  I hold the food in between my cheek and my teeth, and primarily allow digestion to happen in the mouth.   (There has been research that showed significant improvement in TT performance by swishing a carbohydrate solution in the mouth, whilst not swallowing it, spitting it out)  And on the long stuff, I do both, eat and use a cud, cause usually I get so damn hungry, I can’t think about anything else, but the hunger.

I have not carb loaded since 2009.

I do eat carbs.  Mostly in the form of fruit.  I do eat rice on occasion, and potatoes.  And yes, I do even eat crack, GF donuts, cookies, pasta, etc.  In moderation.

Maybe you saw this article:

breakfast of champions

Where the top 2 Tour de France winners have adopted the ‘no carb’ way of eating.

It’s been around for awhile.  Not too far off ‘Paleo for Athletes’.

So imagine, I began eating this way in 2009.  And the year is now 2016 and the Tour riders are just jumping on the band wagon.

The 1st key to success in this style of eating, is to train it.  To, use Bob Seebahor’s term, Shift your Metabolic Curve to the Right.  Which is training your body to burn more fat at higher intensities.  We’ve known this for years.

I do believe in the “Ketogenic” Diet.  I do not follow it.  I follow part of it.

I eat fruit.  I believe we should eat fruit.  I believe, we’ve been eating fruit, since we were foragers, hunters and gatherers.  I believe firmly that fruit is nutrient dense.


If I got cancer, or terminal disease, I would eliminate fruit.  I don’t think, I could ever eliminate all fruit.  There’s too much good, cancer fighting enzymes and vitamins and minerals in those amazing nutrient dense food sources.

Last time I did my nutrition recall, 40% of my calories came from fat.  I have fat, not because of the fat I eat, it’s because of the crack I eat.  I love me some crack.  And I prefer to keep a “little frosting on my cupcake”  I call it.  I keep an extra 2 to 3 pounds on.  Maybe 3 to 5.  I’m not sure.  I’m pretty lean.  What I do know is that my favorite part of racing the long stuff is being super lean afterwards.  From burning all my fat off.  And if  I was super lean, I would metabolize muscle for fuel = not good.  That’s the crazy ammonia smell in the porto pots during long events.  I also keep a little extra cushion for my cold water swimming.  That being said…

My favorite part of life, is regaining that fat after a 12 to 24 hour race.  I mean, really, life is good!  Crack.

Last time I had my cholesterol checked I basically had a one to one ratio:  LDL 74/HDL 69.

I eat 4 eggs everyday.  Nutrient dense, Organic, Free Range, High in Omega 3 eggs.

Yes, what your food eats is almost more important than what you eat.

I wish I were kidding.

That’s something the Food Science Industry doesn’t want you to learn about.  Although the evidence is conclusive.

You may or may not already know this.

I got my start racing Triathlon.  I love it.  I began racing here in New Mexico.  My 1st triathlon was the Sprint in Los Alamos in 1994.  That’s 22 years of Triathlon Racing.

I have podium’d at every local triathlon since.

I bailed on my “A” race (Xterra Beaver Creek) this year due to so many circumstances I choose not go into here.  Feel free to ask me, because bailing on an “A” race and how to handle it, when to decide to, etc, is a blog post in of itself.

So the next big race is Sunday.  The New Mexico Toughman Half Ironman.

The monkeys came home 10 days ago.  Got off the plane, sick as hell…

This is not pre race pneumonia I am dealing with.

This is, if I don’t get to put my money where my mouth is, pissed.

So one day at a time.  If I’m feeling better later, I will swim.  Otherwise, I may give it another day.  Yesterday outside of work, I was able to rest, rest, REST.  I did have the shin sweats this morning, before getting out of bed, and yes, so desperately asked for a 2nd cup of coffee prior to getting up.  Anyone who’s had my coffee, knows what that is like.

I have until Thursday to decide.  To register.  Packet Pick up is Friday.

I have no big goals for it.  Other than beat my 1st and only Half Ironman Time which was sub 6 and a 6th Place Finish at the Gulf Coast Triathlon in 2009.  I was lucky at this one 6th Place was a podium 🙂  HAHA!

I do hope I can do it.  C’est La Vie, if I can’t.  Amazing, how when you get older, and smarter, and wiser, you know,  to not get your panties in a wad for any unforeseen circumstances.

Refer to Rule #1

Have fun.



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