2017 is well on it’s way and I have been busy working on locking in partnerships for the upcoming year.

Each partnership has been carefully chosen as the best, and I couldn’t be more proud to have each vendor be a part of Team Zoefitness.

If you think you’re interested in being a Team Zoefitness Ambassador please download the application

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fill it out, and return to Coach Zoe at:



Boutique Bike Shop in Dallas, Texas. Great selection of bikes, and Costumer Service is the best!


The best grips available. Coach Zoe uses ESIgrips on all her bikes. The comfortable feel allows her to ride with no gloves, unless it’s cold!


Coach Zoe owes her success to her nutrition and the theories of Bob Seebahor. Owner and head guro at eNRG performance. Learn how to enhance your performance by improving your metabolic efficiency.


Hands down the best tires out there. Coach Zoe uses Ikons on her mountain bikes in varying sizes. On her road bike she runs the Cormet. All of her tubes are welter weight. If you wonder why she never flats, you may want to change your tire.


Coach Zoe likes her sleep, and has trouble with night vision in her 24 hour races. With TrailLED vision is not a problem, ‘you ride like it’s daytime’. Best lights, light weight, and great battery life!


Coach Zoe trains with power on all her bikes. Stages is the most accurate and the most cost effective out there. If you would like to improve your performance, definitely train with Stages Power Meters.


I’ve been using Salt Stick products for over a decade. I owe my success to the electrolyte combination available in Salt Stick tabs. The vitamin D3 is the secret ingredient.


Coach Zoe uses all of 2XU’s products. I love all of them. You will see her in wetsuits, knee warmers, booties, gloves, and performance clothing for running, cycling, and triathlon. Her favorite tool for recovery, compression. 2XU is the best out there!


Oh, Coach Zoe loves her Rudy’s. Hands down the best performance available in helmets and sunglasses. Skiing to cycling, all of your helmet and glasses needs.


The best races in Texas: 12 Hour, 24 Hour, and Xterra.


You can buy a bike, and make it fit. Or you can have a fit and buy a bike. Best decision Coach Zoe has ever done. Her bikes have never fit so well.












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