In my brief stent on on-line dating I actually had someone email me that…. 

The Answer:

Oh, hellZ, yes, it does count.

If you’re the only one crazy enough to do a segment, are you still Queen of the Mountain…

The Answer:

Oh, hellZ, yes, it does count!

The latter example was when I decided to do Toughman New Mexico with the flu.  I pulled a 6:30, and got off course on the run 3 times.  It’s not my fault no one else showed up. 

I showed up, had a mechanical pulling the bike out of the car, and raced with the flu.  As a result of that, I also qualified for Nationals.

No offense to the guy who said that, it’s likely he’s still single.  I’m just sayin’.  Or maybe, just maybe he is happily married, by now.

I didn’t know this was a segment, I wasn’t trying for any segments that day, it’s just a result of Strava.  Now that’s it’s published, I know that some of my uber competitive girlfriends will try and take it away.  It will be likely one of those QOM notifications I get, and I’m all like WTF is that?!?  Usually I can only tell what state it is in, by who actually takes it.  Only 12 people have actually completed this segment, which I am 8th.  So go get it!

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