Kathy is a good friend and a sponsor of Team ZoeFitness.  She came to me about 6 weeks prior to Waco Xterra for a ‘crash’ program.  We knew we had to put together a top notch program that would win her a spot to Worlds and more importantly a spot on Team USA for the first ITU Cross Triathlon is Spain in 2011.  Primary focus, the run, and putting it all together.  It worked and she’s on her way to Spain for Team USA, along with her son Daniel.  Great Job you guys!  Now we really have our work cut out for us. :o)

Kathy is great with keeping her public up to date with “The Road to Spain” blog she has added to her race promoting website.  Feel free to follow her @:


  • 12.29.2010 1650 Yards for Time         24 : 25.0
  • 12.5.2010 White Rock Marathon; Dallas, Texas 10th Place: 1:42:27
  • 11.25.2010 Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot; Dallas, Texas, 5th Place:  1:03:18.00 /8:04 pace per mile.
  • 8.27.2010 Hotter-n-hell Wee-Chi-Tah Trail Mountain Bike Race: 1st Place
  • 7.03.2010  Liberty 5k; Denton, Texas; 1st Place: 22:18
  • 5.23.10  Xterra South Central Cup Championship: Waco, Texas; 1st Place Women 45-49, 2nd Place Overall Amateur Woman: 2:51:07

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