My favorite food for racing,especially the Big Races,  is a homemade Date/Cashew/Coconut Roll with a traces of Olive Oil and Honey

I prefer to make my own for racing because Lara Bar can be ‘dry’ during hard workout efforts.

Here are the simple directions:


it’s easier if you can buy the dates already pitted.  If they are unavailable you will need to take the pits out by cutting them open, and then, dice the dates



2) I use raw cashews, you can subsitute almonds, chop the nuts.  I use either a meat mallet, or  a bowl to chop those into tiny pieces.  It’s important to make these nut pieces  small, these rolls will be eaten during intense exercise.

3) combine the dates with a drizzle of olive oil in a non-stick pan to heat lightly.


Adding a larger drizzle of honey and the chopped nuts.     I use  local honey to get the advantage of local pollen and the health advantages related to allergies 



Once the dates are warm they become easy to work with :


4) add raw organic coconut, that has no sugar or sulfites.

5) Take the concoction and put it on a cutting board with additional coconut.


After forming the date/cashew/coconut into a large roll, I decide what size rolls to make.  I use 2 different types.  I use a longer roll and a smaller bite size roll, which resembles a doughnut hole.

6) Roll it in the coconut.  This had 2 advantages: it keeps your hands from getting sticky while you’re making it,  and eating it, and coconut is a great energy food that contains electrolytes.



All ready for racing.  They store well for months.  I will store them in the original container the dates came in.  During events I will either put them  in either zipper bags or for shorter races, I’ll put them in a Dixie cup in my back jersey pocket.

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