Christiane Reetz Saverance of Boerne, Texas

2013 Results:














Houston Marathon which is January 2014 (not sure on dates yet)

September: 70.3 race


11.17.2013 San Antonio Rock and Roll Half Marathon: Overall: 452 out of 14428 Women 45-49  7th Place  out of 934 Female77 out of 8903             1:46:50

8.10.2013 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 45-49 Age Group:20th Place of 137, Gender 253 of 1131 Overall 1247 of  2677, 2:27:18

6.29.2013 Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival Half Marathon: Sunriver, Oregon, 45-49 Age Group 1st Place of 79 , 3rd Place Overall Master’s, 24th Place Overall of 710: 1:47:05

4.14.2013  Republic of Texas Triathlon; Corpus Christi, Texas (1000m/36m/10k): 3rd female overall; 1st age group:  2:53:55

  • 3.24.2013  Enchanted Rock Extreme Duathlon: Enchanted Rock State Park; 3rd Female Overall; 1st age group: 1:48:22
  • 2.16.2013 Calvaras Duathlon: San Antonio, Texas; Master’s Overall Winner; 2nd Place Female Overall












1st in Age Group; 4th Overall Bend, Oregon Deschutes Dash


2012 Results


  • 11.3.2012 Tour de Gruene Bicycle Classic Team Time Trial; Greune, Texas, 1st Place: 1:13:01
  • 11.2.2012Tour de Gruene Bicycle Classic Individual Time Trial;  Greune, Texas,  1st Place; 4th Place Overall: 30:52
  • 9.9.2011 IRONMAN WISCONSIN:   Madison, Wisconsin; 10th Place 45-49; 597 Overall 12:01:12
  • 7.14.2012 Deschutes Dash Olypmic Triathlon: Bend, Oregon; 1st Place Female 45-49; 4th Place Overall 2:28:11
  • 5.28.2012 Capital Texas Triathlon: Austin, Texas; Female 40-45 2nd Place; 26th out of 373: 2:32:20
  • 1.7.2012  Bandera Hill Country 25 K: 4th Place Overall Female:  2:32:45

2011 Results

  • 2011 Greater Gator Olympic Triathlon Female Masters Win; 3rd Female Overall
  • 2011 Toyota Cup Finals TBD 2:39; 2nd Place
  • 2011 Austin Longhorn 70.3 IM : 5:20:51; 4th Place
  • 2011  Gruene 2 Person Time Trial  : 1st Place
  • 2011 San Antonio Marathon : 3:39:4th Place
  • 6.25.2011 Greater Gator Olympic Triathlon: Master’s Woman 1st Place ; 3rd Place Overall Female: 2:21:57
  • 4.10.2011 Big D Texas Marathon: Women 40-45; 5th of 56 Place:  4:12:44

2004 USAT National Off Road Duathlon Champion

4 time Xterra USA Championship participant with two 3rd place finishes

3 time Xterra World Championship participant with two 4th place finishes (5 time qualifier):

3 time Xterra Regional Champion Age Group

3 time USAT Team USA qualifier:  twice for ITU Long Course World Championships (2009/2010) and the ITU Cross World Championships (2011)

2006  Overall Female Amateur  Champion at Xterra Southeast Championship






2007 1st place Age Group Xterra  West Championship

2007 Xterra Camp Eagle Female Overall Winner

2007 Texas Triathlon Female Overall Winner

2007 Dirty Duathlon Female Overall Winner

2008 Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon Female Masters Winner

2008 Trisoler Duathlon Female Overall Winner

2008 Halfmax National Championships 3 place Age Group (ITU World Championship qualifier)

2009 Miles of Discomfort Mountain Bike Half Marathon Overall Female Winner

2009 Upside Down Off-Road Duathlon Female Overall Winner

2009 Lonestar Half Ironman Triathlon 3rd place Age Group

2009 Xterra South Central Cup – Heart Of Arkansas Age Group Winner

2009 Halfmax National Championships 3 place Age Group (ITU World Championship qualifier)

2009 Boerne Duathlon Female Overall Winner

2010 Tall Texan Triathlon Half Ironman 2nd Female Overall

2010 Xterra South Central Championship Age Group Winner

2010 Ironman Austin 70.3 5th place Age Group

2010 SARR / RGR Fall Fest 25k & 8 Miler 2nd Female Overall/Masters Winner

2010 Boerne Duathlon Female Overall Winner 

2011 Bandera Endurance Trail Run 25K 6th Female Overall

2011 Get your Rear in Gear 10k Run Overall Female Winner

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